What is Laravel Reverb ?

2 min readFeb 5, 2024

As we have have seen on Taylor Otwell x account last year he tweeted about something called Laravel Reverb .

Taylor’s tweet in Dec 13,2023

Most of us we have asked too many questions what is it about but now they have released the official website for that Laravel reverb project he has been working on.

Laravel reverb is a first-party WebSocket server for Laravel applications, bringing real-time communication between client and server directly to your fingertips. Open source and an Artisan command away — with love from the Laravel team.

It has four main features which are Blazing Fast,Seamless Integration,Built for Scale and Pusher Protocol.

On blazing fast Reverb is designed for speed. A single server can support thousands of connections, piping data without the delay and inefficiency of HTTP polling.

Seamless Integration Develop with Laravel’s broadcasting capabilities.
Deploy with Reverb’s first-party Forge integration.
Monitor with baked in support for Pulse.

Built for Scale you can increase capacity by utilizing Reverb’s built-in support for horizontal scaling using Redis, allowing you to manage connections and channels across multiple servers.

Pusher Protocol Reverb utilizes the Pusher protocol for WebSockets, making it immediately compatible with Laravel broadcasting and Laravel Echo.

I don’t have to much to say about this reverb but as it is on their official website of laravel reverb the code will be available on GitHub so we will be able to test it out.

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